Boost Your Email Marketing Game with 2024’s Best Practices

Some may say that with social media on the rise, emailing is outdated when it comes to digital marketing strategies. Truth be told, the relevance of email marketing shouldn’t be questioned. Ever. Its speedy nature, convenient access, and ability to personalize make it a driving factor for leading businesses — and their campaigns — to reach high engagement rates and greater Return on Investment (ROI). There’s no limit to what a well-done email campaign can do for your business.

Think you might be going about the email marketing game all wrong? Dive into these best practices that will help you strategize and reach the conversions you’ve been searching for:

It all starts with the subject line.
First impressions are everything. Whether it be a job interview, social gathering with new peers, or meeting potential new in-laws for the first time, that initial interaction is what sets the tone. In the realm of email marketing, the subject line is your first impression. This brief, concise phrase is the first thing recipients lay eyes on in their inboxes. If it doesn’t go as planned, you run the risk of ending up right in the spam folder or seeing a decline in your open rate.

A brief lesson on open rates: Out of the dozens of emails people receive every day, many of them end up in the trash pile without being looked at, hurting the rate at which your email gets opened. Email open rate is the percentage of your subscribers who open a specific email out of your total number of subscribers. A healthy open rate is typically considered to be between 25% and 30%, but it all depends on your industry. Strong open rates contribute to increased visibility and engagement, ultimately leading to a higher likelihood of achieving your campaign’s objectives.

Put yourself in the recipient’s shoes and ask, “How does this benefit me?” You want to ensure that your subject line accurately represents the content and your brand’s identity. Using a catchy line that mirrors your brand’s style and values helps build recognition and consumer trust. It’s more than just increasing engagement on a singular email – intriguing subject lines are key parts in resonating with your target audience and encouraging them to revisit your content.

Revamp your reach.
Many users use their smartphones to check their email nowadays. Neglecting to ensure your marketing emails are mobile-friendly is a missed opportunity. Mobile email marketing is often more convenient, especially for those with an on-the-go lifestyle. It’s crucial to make sure that the design and layout of your emails are “responsive” and can adapt to different screens and sizes. Not everyone parks themselves in front of a desktop computer all day. The last thing you want is for your message to appear distorted or be difficult to navigate.

Making your mobile emails visually appealing not only improves user experience but also improves delivery. In other words, if emails aren’t tailored for mobile devices, search algorithms can send them right into the spam folder or risk being overlooked by recipients. Things such as attachments, inaccessible links, too many images, and slow download time can hinder your mobile email marketing performance.

Consider the popular trend of online shopping. For Business-to-Consumer (B2C) brands, the surge in shopping from your smartphone highlights the need for marketing emails to be compatible with these devices. When a potential customer receives an email showcasing a desired product, the transition from your email to making a purchase must be seamless. Being mobile-friendly is more than just keeping up with the times; it’s a smart move to stay relevant, connect with users efficiently and effectively, and receive positive results.

The power of precision.
In marketing, segmentation, and personalization are all about dividing the marketplace into parts, or segments, of potential customers with similar needs and habits. It’s a one-on-one approach that strengthens brand connection, improves customer experience, and increases conversion rates…but how?

Segmentation and personalization enable you to customize communication, catering it to cater it to recipients. Shared traits such as demographics, behavior, and purchase history are considered. For example, an online sporting goods store could segment its audience based on previous purchases and include promotions in their emails for athletic wear, or whatever hot items are flying off the virtual shelves.

Including personalized subject lines, greetings, and content makes emails come across as tailor-made for the recipient. It’s as simple as addressing the email with the recipient’s first name rather than a generic greeting. Because segmentation and personalization give content more relevance and greater resonation, it can increase open rates and drive revenue.

Turn recipients into active participants.
Your call to action (CTA) is like a friendly invite at the end of your email that encourages customers to interact with your business. It should be a short and sweet, 5 to 7-word snippet that prompts immediate engagement, driving recipients to a desired outcome – making a purchase, becoming a subscriber, downloading a resource, or clicking to explore your other platforms.

Effective CTAs are visually distinct and interactive. They incorporate creative elements such as animated GIFs or hyperlinks that reel users in. Incorporating action words and persuasive language in your CTA creates a sense of urgency, motivating people to act now. Using numbers or percentages, making a promise, and targeting their inner FOMO (fear of missing out) adds an effective touch.

Here are a few generic examples of CTAs; remember, put your creative twist on them to make your brand stand out!

“Limited time offer. Don’t miss out!”

“Buy now and get 50% off!”

“Download FREE guide HERE.”

“Schedule a private tour TODAY!”

“Want to learn more?! Visit our website.”

Clean up your mailing list.
No matter how many subscribers you’ve acquired, not all of them will actively engage with your content. This can contribute to low open rates, a significant challenge many businesses face in their email marketing strategies. While there’s still a temptation to purchase large email lists, holding on to disengaged recipients tamper with your results.

Having emails that go unopened can make your campaign look less effective, especially when you compare it to those who regularly engage. Regularly review your subscriber list and consider removing recipients who aren’t interacting with your emails. If it helps, you can pull the old “it’s not you, it’s me” excuse. Doing so ensures a more accurate open rate and more realistic results when it comes to measuring engagement.

Know when to follow up.
Send a follow up email when needed, but don’t be clingy. Recipients won’t be any more inclined to interact with your business if they’re receiving handfuls of follow-up emails after the first one or two already sent. You should always restate your purpose for reaching out but don’t be so redundant. Try sprucing up your message with a new CTA or adding new details, such as business developments or updates.

Always finish your email on a positive note. Thank the recipient for taking the time to view your message and show your excitement to keep working together. Always leave a window open to connect by clearly listing how they can reach you. Suggest a specific action, like setting up a meeting or giving clear instructions on the next steps, so they know exactly how to move forward.

It’s okay to admit it – email marketing still dominates. Using strategies that aren’t necessarily hot off the presses doesn’t render your business outdated by default; it’s all about how you take traditional methods and put them in the context of the present day. These best practices form the foundation for successful email marketing, helping businesses foster stronger connections with their audience and drive positive outcomes in a competitive digital landscape.

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