Inertia Marketing + Design Welcomes PARS to Its Family of Clients

Inertia is proud to announce the addition of PARS as the newest member of its valued client community!

Headquartered in Gainesville, Virginia, PARS (Professional Automotive Relocation Services) has been a top fleet vehicle transport player since 1998, serving fleets in the pharmaceutical, insurance, healthcare, and other industries. Being a certified Women-Owned Business, the company has become a leader in managing fleet vehicle transport logistics and services.

PARS offers fleet vehicle driveaway and auto carrier moves, license and titling, repairs, and storage services. The fleet vehicle transport company tailors each solution to ensure the best return on each transport dollar regardless of a project’s size or complexity.

Inertia Marketing + Design will employ a wide range of digital and conventional marketing tools to boost PARS’ online exposure among fleet managers and stakeholders. These tools include strategic planning, content creation, digital marketing, social media management, public relations, content creation, graphic design, and more.

Through the creation of engaging content and immersive online experiences, Inertia will assist PARS in building stronger customer relationships, brand loyalty, and client advocacy. PARS teaming up with Inertia highlights their shared commitment to innovation and high-quality customer service.

The Inertia team is honored to be a part of PARS’ continued success.



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