Inertia Welcomes Prophecta AI as a Marketing Services Client

Established in 2022, Prophecta is a startup AI technology company based in Silicon Valley and is quickly becoming a significant innovator in the fleet industry. Emphasizing being environmentally conscious in all its endeavors, Prophecta is introducing a new modeling algorithm for fleet telematics systems that reduces emissions by up to 40 percent.

Inertia will extend their skilled experience in market research, media relations, content development, and special event support to assist Prophecta in shaping its brand identity. Inertia’s initial public relations efforts amplified Prophecta’s reach about a new vehicle tracking system, publishing insight about promoting smart and safe driving among fleet vehicle drivers in Fleet Management Weekly and Commercial Carrier Journal.

Looking towards the future, Inertia is committed to aiding Prophecta in its efforts to broaden its scope beyond the trucking industry. Prophecta aims to transform industries such as construction, logistics, manufacturing, and more with AI technology to enhance both business and societal well-being.

The Inertia team is honored to be a part of Prophecta’s emergence as an AI innovator that helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint and achieve their corporate goals.



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