Pathways at Warrington

Corporate Identity

Creating a trustworthy visual brand.

The Pathways of Warrington is an exceptional memory care and personal care community that offers unparalleled levels of care. As a new addition to Gloria Dei Communities family, it was important for the brand to showcase its connection to its parent company while also establishing itself as a unique and trustworthy entity.

To achieve this, the brand rollout centered on a logo that drew inspiration from the Gloria Dei brand’s foundational values, conveying a message of excellence and quality to prospective residents. The color palette featured deep blues and royal purples, which evoked a sense of luxury and sophistication. These colors were complemented by natural patterns of wood, stone, and leaves, creating a cohesive brand identity that could be seamlessly implemented across all platforms, from stationary and signage to online and beyond. Overall, the brand successfully communicated the high-end experience that residents could expect from Pathways of Warrington, while also honoring its connection to Gloria Dei Communities.

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